STOXX extends suite of smart-beta indices

STOXX Ltd, operator of Deutsche Boerse Group’s index business, and a global provider of tradable index concepts, has extended the STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select index families that were introduced in October 2015.

The newly launched indices combine investment themes such as Low Carbon and ESG with low volatility, high dividend and low correlation screens, thus creating hybrid index concepts.



The STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select index families are specifically designed as liquid underlyings for financial products such as structured products and exchange traded-funds. The combination of the screens in the index methodology sets an attractive pricing framework especially for structured products.

“STOXX, as the marketing agent for the DAX indices, is the leading index provider in the structured products space, both in Europe and on a global level,” says Matteo Andreetto, chief executive officer, STOXX Limited. “By extending our suite of smart-beta indices, we are again at the forefront of innovation with regard to major investment trends. For the first time, STOXX now offers Low Carbon-themed indices that are optimised for structured products as well as additional ESG indices. Thereby they are an important extension of our sustainable index offering, which includes several other indices such as the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index or the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index.”

The STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select Indices are derived from STOXX benchmarks, measure the performance of companies with low volatility, high dividend yield, and – in case of the STOXX Diversification Select Indices – low correlations. Index components are price-weighted with a weighting factor based on the inverse of their volatility. The additional indices of the STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select index family are calculated in price, net and gross return versions and are available in euro, US dollar and Swedish krona.

STOXX also launched the STOXX Global Basket Select and STOXX Global Basket Diversification Select Indices that aim to add an extra layer of diversification by investing a fixed proportion into regional STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select Indices (North America, Asia/Pacific and Europe). The indices are calculated in price, net and gross return and are available in euro.



Volume 8 Issue 1

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