About Us

Canadian ETF Watch is an independent organization which provides comprehensive market intelligence, news and fundamental research solutions strongly focused on the ETF markets. We are covering the ETF market globally and have launched the first global, high-end exchange traded funds magazine in Canada.

Our organization is structured into two sectors Canadian Hedge Watch which covers the Alternative Investment arena and Radius Financial Education which will cover the remaining Capital Markets sector with a sub-division solely focusing on the ETF space..

With our flag-ship publication, Canadian Hedge Watch, we strive to inform, inspire and educate investors around the globe. Therefore we are open-minded for new ideas and additional value-adding partners for our venture.

Canadian ETF Watch’s news stories focus intently on educating investors regarding specific offerings, current market trends, sectors, economies, and sentiment about every ETF market we track for our clients. We hope you find this information insightful, intelligent and in time to help you make the most of ETF investing. You will find a wealth of information in our archives, and can search for keywords targeting articles relevant to you. Please feel free to comment on any of these articles, our community appreciates every-one’s views, and outlooks.




Volume 8 Issue 2